Al Forno - shelter for refugees and place of recreation

During the second world war an international group of socialists bought Al Forno with the idea of creating a center for exchanging ideas and thoughts, as well as for recreation. During and after the war it served as a safe location for political refugees from Germany. Maintained by the pioneer of political education and women's movement Mascha Oettli, after the second world war Al Forno became more and more of an open holiday resort. Today, the Rustico holiday resort is managed by the small association Al Forno Vacanze, which is close to the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland. The members of the association are fully committed to guarantee the best possible preservation of this idyllic heritage of the Al Forno founders, making it a unique place of encounters and recreation.

For more information about the biography of Mascha Oettli and its related history of Al Forno go to Swiss Social Archives.


Mascha Oettli