Appointed by the association Al Forno Vacanze, we, Hannes Schneider and Ursula Gerber, have been hosting guests since 1997. It is thanks to our guests that we feel inspired every season to try out new things and feel motivated to maintain this unique Rustico holiday resort. A responsible approach to nature is particularly important to us. For example, in our apartments you will only find easily biodegradable dishwashing detergent and cleaning supplies. We dry the bed sheets outdoor in the fresh air. The building materials, such as wood or natural stone, are as natural as possible. We like to create and rearrange the furnishings, for example bedding items, most of them are self-created and reusable.

Hannes is a skilled mason but has also professional experience in other skilled trade areas. Among other things, he is able to build perfect dry stone walls. Ursula is a trained saleswoman but has also gained professional experience in other fields, such as sports. Languages and designing are her passions.

During the Al Forno season, from March to the end of October, we are fully committed to hosting our guests. During the Winter time we travel to Australia, which has become our second home. Here we can gather new energy and get inspirations for the next season at Al Forno Vacanze.

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