Through voluntary work

Throughout many years people have actively volunteered at Al Forno. Friends provide support through many voluntary working hours in various areas . Every now and then there are also guests who volunteer for a couple of hours. This work is completely voluntary. There are absolutely no expectations from management towards the guests! 

In consultation with us, schools also have the possibility of doing project weeks or projects to help the environment. These range from clearing the woodland, logging, to infrastructure work such as the renovation of the “football stadium”.

With such minor projects board and lodging is usually offered in exchange for the working hours.

The association Al Forno Vacanze is very grateful for all of this help. Ursula and Hannes, the couple responsible for management, will be happy to give you more information about potential projects. Contact us

Through a donation

Al Forno Vacanze is operated by the non-profit association of the same name and is funded through the rentals of the apartments. Among other expenses, provisions have to be made for the maintenance of the houses. Unfortunately, these provisions are not enough to cover large renovations projects such as a traditional granite roof. Such projects can only be implemented thanks to very generous donations from friends of Al Forno. Management will be happy to provide more information about upcoming projects.

Running Al Forno Vacanze in an ecologically sustainable way is particularly important to the association. Maintaining this unique holiday resort for future generations, taking care of its Rustici, its wonderful natural landscapes characterized by dry stone walls is essential to us.

People interested in supporting Al Forno financially can do so by sending a donation to the postal account of the association, adding the note “donation”:

Al Forno Vacanze, Pila, Intragna / IBAN: CH46 0900 0000 4002 6875 1 / BIC: POFICHBEXXX

Thank you very much!